motivational poems


motivational poems

Motivational poems and quotes have provided us with profound words of wisdom, and have been an great source of inspiration and encouragement. They provide a voice of reason in this complicated journey of life and have been an instrument of healing.

I have put together a collection of motivational poems and quotes that I have been a great comfort and inspiration for me. I hope they light up your day, motivate you and give you as much joy as they have given me.

motivational poems


How often we wish for another chance
to have a fresh beginning.
A chance to blot out our mistakes
and change failure into winning.
It does not take a new year
to make a brand new start.
It only takes the deep desire
to try with all your heart.
To live a little better
and  always be forgiving, to add a little sunshine
to the world in which we are living.
So, never give up in despair
and think that you are through,
For there’s always a tomorrow
and a chance to start anew.

Helen Steiner Rice

motivational poem


It takes a lot of courage
to smile through your tears,
and from a breaking heart.
But that’s what you’ll need
to rise up out of the ashes,
a minute to crawl out
of your sadness
 and make agreement
with yourself,
that no matter how bad
it looks right now,
this moment
does not define you.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 niv

motivation for a new day

Inspirational Words for Your Day

May your journey be full of inspirational words,
and may you always find refuge in the eye of a storm….

inspirational words

help will arrive

Whoever you are,
Wherever you are,
no matter how long it’s been
that you’ve been traveling…
whatever you do,
don’t give up,
because just when you’ve gone as far
as you can go,
help will arrive…
and that is when you will know
It’s been there all the time. >>>

motivation poem


Love will find you where you are.
In the darkest  places,
in the empty  spaces.
Even if you’ve
given up searching for it,
you’re never far away
from its arms.
And no matter what,
when it finds you,
it accepts you
for who you are… 

present moment

The present moment is more alive than the past.

The present moment, as small and brief
as it may seem…
a blink of an eye,
a flap of a butterfly’s wing,
is so much bigger than our biggest fears,
and more real than
every doubt we’ve ever entertained…

 It’s more alive than our past can ever be,
and the only place
full of the empty spaces
where the only limit is our imagination.